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We offer guided fishing in the Straits of Gibraltar, both shore and boat based.

Depending on the season we can target a wide variety of predator fish species – from bluefish and barracudas, through bonitos and amberjacks up to mighty bluefin tuna.

Our fishing is based on a short pass from Europe to Africa. Around 20km long and 14km wide, Straits of Gibraltar provide sportfisherman with plenty of opportunities – from trolling to jigging, from popping to flyfishing. Different species demand different tackle and approaches – but we have it covered for you. From a short few hours trips up to few days packages, we can tailor an offer for you.

And why not to bring your family with you? Being so close to Malaga and Costa del Sol, one of the favourite holidays destination, means that you can sneak out for few hours of fishing while your family enjoys their non-fishing time.

Fishing methods

Fly Fishing

Flyfishing in saltwater is probably the hardest type of flyfishing available. While fish like bonitos or bluefish are available to most of fly fishers, when it comes to trying to tame larger predators some skill is required, both for casting and physical abilities. We use tackle from 10wt up to 16wt (single hand rods) which means that one have to be prepared for sore armes after a day of fishing. Long and powerful runs of the fish and fights that last for few dozen of minutes are things to be expected so… Are you ready?


Wide variety of species allows us to target them from the heat of summer to winter months, though, it is not really getting cold here : )
Barracudas, Bluefish, Bonitos – we use medium heavy tackle for them. Fishing for those species is a great fun even for less experienced lure anglers and can provide with a great fun even the most seasoned one. Mostly done from shore marks, allows us to reach the fish usually not considered with Europe.
Amberjacks and Tuna – they are the top of the game. This type of fishing is extremely demanding. Heavy tackle (popping and jigging rods with size 20k reels, strong braids etc) and strong fish put enormous pressure on the angler and one have to be well prepare to try to tackle them.


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